Copy SQL Server permissions with ease‏

Prepare for Extraction (we promise you won't feel a thing).
SQL permissions extractor is Idera’s new, FREE tool that extracts and copies permissions from objects in SQL Server. Copying logins from one server to another or duplicating a login on the same server can be time consuming and a little painful.SQL permissions extractor makes it fast and easy –
1. Select any SQL Server 
Select a login 
Generate a permissions script 
Edit and apply changes to any selected target
All from an easy-on-the-eyes graphical interface. Don a pair of dark sunglasses and refer to yourself as “The Extractinator.” The possibilities are endless. GET IT FREE!
Once you’ve extractinated it, dig into it.SQL secure shows you who has access to what, and how permissions are granted. Identify vulnerabilities and harden security across your SQL Servers. Give it a free go to see how easy managing permissions can be.

Download a free trial now!
SQL secure. Try it free!

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Hi Readers, Welcome to Pratik’s SharePoint Blog. First of all Thank you very much for taking interest and spending time to tour my Blog I am in the ocean of SharePoint since January 2008 (almost 4 years), and still I feel I have to go more deep. I am working with a well known MNC as a SharePoint Consultant. Here I used consultant because I do a little development and customization with administration. I am very much interested in Microsoft products. I have started blogging since 2008 but I can say in real manner I have started it in 2011 (as I have posted only 4-5 blogs from 2008 to 2011 J) I believe there isn’t anything impossible in SharePoint, the only thing is sometimes we have to think something off track. I have posted couple of blogs which was discovered by going some off track, we can simply say it TRICKS. Feel free to reach me in case of any issues or queries I will be more than happy to help you. Good bye and Happy Reading, Cheers !!
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