SharePoint Optimization: ADC Implementation Tips & Methodologies

Optimize SharePoint deployments – dramatic performance improvements.
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White Paper:SharePoint Performance Optimization Download this white paper
Download this step-by-step guide for SharePoint optimization through implementation of application delivery controller (ADC). Information Systems professionals can increase user productivity while also reducing the computational and budget resources needed to provide mission critical applications.
Learn about:

  • Obtaining high availability for SharePoint Servers
  • Distributing client traffic seamlessly across multiple SharePoint WFE Servers to improve site scalability
  • Supporting higher connection throughput and faster end user response times, and reduce WFE CPU utilization by initiating SSL offload, HTTP Compression, RAM Caching and Connection Reuse
  • Improving site performance and reliability to end users and more!

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About Pratik Vyas

Hi Readers, Welcome to Pratik’s SharePoint Blog. First of all Thank you very much for taking interest and spending time to tour my Blog I am in the ocean of SharePoint since January 2008 (almost 4 years), and still I feel I have to go more deep. I am working with a well known MNC as a SharePoint Consultant. Here I used consultant because I do a little development and customization with administration. I am very much interested in Microsoft products. I have started blogging since 2008 but I can say in real manner I have started it in 2011 (as I have posted only 4-5 blogs from 2008 to 2011 J) I believe there isn’t anything impossible in SharePoint, the only thing is sometimes we have to think something off track. I have posted couple of blogs which was discovered by going some off track, we can simply say it TRICKS. Feel free to reach me in case of any issues or queries I will be more than happy to help you. Good bye and Happy Reading, Cheers !!
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